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Embracing Your Season: The Soft Autumn Type Color Palette

Discovering your color season can transform your approach to fashion and beauty, aligning your wardrobe and makeup with your natural colors to showcase your best self. If you have a natural palette of warm, muted tones, you might be a Soft Autumn. This guide will help you identify if you are a Soft Autumn and how to use this understated, elegant palette to enhance your natural beauty.

What is a Soft Autumn?

Soft Autumn is one of the subcategories within the seasonal color analysis system. This system, which divides personal colorings into specific seasons, aims to help people identify the colors that naturally harmonize with their skin, hair, and eyes. Soft Autumn is characterized by a gentle, low-contrast look that blends the richness of Autumn with the softness of Summer. This palette includes earthy colors, softened with gray undertones.

Characteristics of a Soft Autumn

Soft Autumns typically have:

  • Skin: Creamy, ivory, or peachy undertones that look warm but muted, without the golden glow of a true Autumn.
  • Hair: Varies from medium to dark brown, often with highlights of gold, red, or auburn that are subdued, not vivid.
  • Eyes: Soft and hazy, with colors like hazel, medium brown, or green, often mixed with flecks of gold or gray.

Identifying Your Color Palette

To confirm whether you are a Soft Autumn, conduct a draping test. This involves comparing how your skin reacts to different colored fabrics under natural lighting. Soft Autumn individuals will look their best in subdued, warm colors and look washed out or sallow with bright, cool colors.

Wardrobe Colors for Soft Autumns

Foundation Colors

Build your wardrobe on a base of warm, muted earthy colors:

  • Neutrals: Choose from soft taupe, olive green, and various shades of warm gray.
  • Core Colors: Rich camel, deep teal, and soft burgundy offer depth without overwhelming.

Accent Colors

Brighten your palette with subdued versions of brighter colors:

  • Accents: Coral, soft peach, and dusty pink add a gentle touch of vibrance.
  • Metals: Opt for bronze, pewter, and warm gold jewelry to complement your coloring.

Fashion Tips for Soft Autumns

  • Fabrics: Opt for materials that reflect the softness of your color palette, like suede, soft cotton, and gentle wool.
  • Patterns: Choose low-contrast prints like muted florals, soft plaids, and delicate stripes.

Makeup for Soft Autumns

  • Foundation and Blush: Pick warm, neutral shades that enhance your natural undertone without overpowering it. A peach or soft coral blush will add just the right amount of warmth.
  • Eyeshadows: Go for shades of soft brown, warm green, or muted gold to highlight your eyes subtly.
  • Lip Colors: Shades of peach, soft coral, and warm pink are perfect for your lips, avoiding anything too glossy or too matte.



Embracing the Soft Autumn palette allows you to harmonize your wardrobe and makeup with your natural coloring, enhancing your overall appearance. By choosing the right colors, you can create a cohesive, visually appealing look that showcases your unique beauty. Experiment with these tips to discover how the Soft Autumn palette can bring out your best features and reflect your personal style in the most flattering way.

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